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Thread: Positive Open Carry encounter at Lowes

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    Positive Open Carry encounter at Lowes

    I was open carrying at Lowes this evening, a half hour ago, Glock 17 in a Fobus holster. I needed an eyebolt for a project, and was standing at the checkout line, with one couple ahead of me. The gentleman had on a Navy t-shirt and a blued 5 shot shrouded hammer revolver in a nice leather pancake holster.

    I politely asked if it was a Smith or a Taurus, as I could not easily tell. He answered, "A Smith", and I said I was partial to Glocks myself and turned so that he could see my Glock. This started a productive conversation where we found we had very similar political beliefs, and even some friends in common, but had never socialized! I introduced him to and suggested that he visit the forums.

    I hope that we gain a new member from this encounter.

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    Awesome! I can't wait until I spot a unicorn!

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