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    Hey folks, FNG here. Been lurking on the site for a while and decided to get registered. Lots of great information and members from what I've read so far. I noticed a few similar usernames here from USACarry and CarolinaShootersForum. I'm assuming you're the same persons?

    I've been working up the gusto to OC, and finally did so today. Started out small with a local gas station/convenience store. Completely uneventful; no stares and no LEO's waiting for me as I left. This sounds silly for a grown man to say, but I'm working my way up to a Target or Wal-Mart. From what I've read here, experiences seem to be positive overall. But there a few LEO encounter stories that make me feel it would be better to CC (I'm in the 90-day wait process now). I'm going to forge ahead and continue to OC for now.

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    Congrats on signing up and first OC!

    A lot of folks around here have said the easiest place to carry for the first time is a Walmart. It wasn't for me, and apparently isn't for you either. I OC everywhere now, but I began in smaller family restaurants, specialty shops, etc. before I went to a larger store. I guess it was mainly so I could easier observe those around me.

    I didn't have my CHP when I first started OCing, but I do now. I still OC the vast majority of the time. I do conceal more now simply because it's cold, and I wear a coat which covers my sidearm. Though different people prefer to carry in different ways, and make the decision based on the time and circumstances in which they are carrying, I think if you continue to OC you will probably come to like it.

    Again, welcome and congrats!
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    Welcome aboard!

    My first OC was very similar to yours. At first it was a sneak run to the gas station. Got my gas and even went inside for some stuff, the whole time waiting for the swat team to show up to surround the place with Dirty Harry coming in the front door after me.

    Once that was over I moved on to the Food Lions, the Wal-Marts, etc. Eventually it became second nature.

    Relax and enjoy the rights you have been born with. Like anything, there's always going to be idiots that learned well from those opposed to your rights, and they won't hesitate to give you their versions of law.
    Smile, wave, leave...they have earned nothing more. Although it's nice to see people actually think of such things in a new light, it's not really your obligation to educate them.

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    within my first couple of days of OCing I purposely when into a gas station with about 5 cops in it... It was a rush but nothing said.. I have been carrying for over a year now and only 2 comments have been made.. One guy "helping" me out by telling me my gun was exposed "he was even more shocked the OC was OK"... The other was a Manager of a Kangaroo Express... Told me it was "corporate policy" LE only to carry in his store... I said thats cool keep my intended purchases and I will contact the corporate office to find out.. The look on his face was priceless... I emailed them and then called them... The Nice lady I talked to even asked if I was the one who sent the email and she was "looking" for the answer.. She contacted the VP and was told thay did not mind if anyone carried in any of their stores so long as it was within the law... She also called the manager and told him the "real" policy and not his invented one.. I have CHP and OC 99% of the time

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    Welcome and congrats on your first OC I know its a big rush and worry some at first but you will get used to it I've been OCing for about 6 months now no real big issues yet but I will give u some advice don't go into target they r not OC friendly so welcome aboard

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