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Thread: Confusing explanation

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    Confusing explanation

    Lawyer stuff I guess but what does this mean pertaining to clark county? Found this in the maps section

    Nevada is a traditional open carry state with complete state preemption of firearms laws. However, Clark County is grandfathered so as to continue a "Deadly Weapons" registration scheme. Fortunately, Nevada law exempts travelers to and through Nevada from these registration requirements for 60 days.

    What is it explaining about clark county and complete state preemption.

    Thanks for the explanation

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    no town, city, county or subdivision thereof my make enact or enforce any ordinances of their own pertaining to firearms except for regulation of the unsafe discharge of firearms. counties with a population of 400,000 or more my require registration of firearms.

    With the exception of registration in Clark County the only laws that are enforceable are State laws. Though some officials are trying their damnedest to circumvent this at every opportunity, Even the Nevada Attorney General.

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