From David Codrea:

‘Legal’ open carry could get you arrested—or worse

Despite the practice being “lawful” in many states (not to mention being a fundamental right), gun owners who openly carry firearms often place themselves in legal and physical jeopardy from police reactions.

It’s an ongoing issue, one we’ve discussed many times in this column. And unless government takes seriously the responsibility to educate its enforcers, We the People who choose to openly exercise our right to bear arms remain in potentially mortal danger from those ostensibly retained to serve and protect us.
As David points out in his Guns column, not every gun owner agrees with Open Carry, and that in itself is a problem:

Despite open carry being legal in many states, some in the "pro gun" community condemn attempts to normalize the practice, worried that public backlash will prompt moves to enact laws against it—as was recently unsuccessfully tried in California. The irony of such "logic," that we must forego exercising a right lest we lose it, appears lost on them.

As for the danger open carriers face from police: Affected state attorneys general must direct all sworn personnel be informed of the law. Require them to sign a form, just like they do when they acknowledge understanding other training policies, and put it in their files.

Before someone gets killed.
State Attorneys General really need to do more to ensure that all LEOs are properly trained.