Let's ask any friends we have in DC to participate in this series of interviews.
Hopefully we know people who can add some constructive discussion to the otherwise-dubious reporting that is to be expected from the Washington Post. If they interview the right representatives from our side of the question, you never know; we may just be treated fairly :-D

Email Paul Duggan if you are a DC gun owner and interested in participating:

Post reporter Paul Duggan would like to learn more about the people who have purchased and registered handguns in the District since July 2008, when handgun ownership in the city became legal.
If you fit that description, some of the things we're interested in talking with you about include:

How quickly after registration became legal did you decide to purchase a firearm?
Why did you decide to own a gun?
Has owning a firearm given you more peace of mind?
Have you ever been a victim of crime -- before or after you acquired a gun?
Did you own a firearm at any other point in your life, in another jurisdiction, before handgun ownership became legal in the District?
Do you support the city's current gun-ownership rules ? Or do you think they're still too restrictive?