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    CA to NC

    Ok so Im from the carolinas born and raised. I now live in San Diego due to the USMC. I have a few questions about NC law. 1 is it loaded or unloaded open carry? 2 what are the ID requirement I.e. Do I have to show ID if/when asked? And finally wht are the off-limits areas for OC'ing?
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    1.Loaded is the only way in NC. If it ain't loaded, it's just a brick. You don't need anything to OC, just be 18 years of age. 2.The ID request thing has nothing to do with firearms. You aren't required to present your ID to a LEO unless you are operating a vehicle. Since you aren't breaking any laws by OCing, they have no reason to ask for your ID. I'm sure some might try the "we'll leave you alone if you show us your ID" or "we just want to check if you are a felon" 3.You can OC anywhere except federally owned places, places charging admission for entry, and restaurants serving alcohol.

    I'm sure you'll find the gun laws in NC much more lax than CA.

    Edit: I'm sure someone else will chime in with the full list of off limit location of carry in NC.
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    Speaking OC only, and not CC, everything mattwestm said is true. See the NC Open Carry flier at for more info.
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