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Thread: vacation in NV

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    vacation in NV


    Thanks in advance for any help, Im a legal permanent resident in the USA with a greencard, i legally own a gun, This month im heading to Reno on vacation to visit family, i was wondering as im not a citizen am i allowed to legally open carry? and if i am, i wanted to clarify a couple of things as they appear to be completely different from California, - Can you open carry a loaded gun? , does extra ammo (mags) have to be openly carried? and are there restricting on open carry within a 1000feet of a k-12 grade school like in CA?, this will be only the second time ive opened carried and the first outside CA so i want to make sure its not going to be my last.

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    Hello Darren, if it is legal for you to possess the firearm, you can open carry in Nevada.

    In Nevada loaded open carry is allowed. If it is a handgun you can have a loaded chamber. If it is a rifle or shotgun the chamber should be unloaded if you are in a vehicle, but the magazine can be loaded. To carry the firearm upon your person, the firearm must be discernible to ordinary observation. In California, per their case law, you cannot conceal an integral part of a firearm, which a magazine is held to be, but in Nevada as long as the weapon is discernible it is considered open carry. There is no Nevada statute that stipulates carry within 1000 feet of a school, but beware of federal laws.

    Beware of the other gun laws in Nevada.

    See the pamphlet:

    Most of the laws are summarized there.

    Nevada law is much more friendly to open carry than California law is.
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