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Thread: Christmas dinner of 2010

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    Christmas dinner of 2010

    Thanks to all that came to our dinner, it was goog, lots of food, and friendship, we met new people, it was a very pleasant night, I posted some pictures of the dinner on Facebook, becouse I do not know how to do it here in O.C. d.O. find my name David Diaz on F.B. and you will find the pictures, I have received very interesting commentaries from my friends in El Salvador, they can not "grasp" the idea of going to a restaurant or any place showing your gun, I have explained to them about it, only a friend from San Francisco, Cal, said that he will be affraid to go to a place and see an O.Cier., I told him it is becouse he lives in "P.R.O.K." ( Peoples Republic of Kalifornia ), any way we hope to have a very exellent new year, and please keep O. Carrying. Your friend Israel, MERRY CHRISTMAS, FELIZ NAVIDAD !!!!!, THE BLESSINGS OF THE LORD BE UPON YOU,

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    Great Pics David! Had a really great time! My wife, daughter and grandkids did also! Be safe in Cali when you go there and remember unloaded carry is all they allow.

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