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Thread: Educating Redmond while leasing an apartment.

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    Educating Redmond while leasing an apartment.

    Due to recent flooding in the room that I was renting, I had to find a new place to live. I opted to move into my own apartment this time (I've been renting a room for the past year and a half to keep expenses down).I picked a place called Red 160 after an exhaustive search of all the places around here. This place fit the best for me. In any case, when they sent me the lease to look over, I read carefully through it as I always do. Under "Criminal activity" I came across this:

    19. Criminal Activity: You agree that neither you, nor any of your occupants or guests will (i) engage in any criminal activity of any kind, including, without limitation, drug related criminal activity, prostitution or criminal street gang activity, on or near the Community, (ii) engage in any act intended to facilitate such criminal activity, (iii) use or permit the Premises to be used for, or to facilitate, any criminal activity, or (iv) engage in any acts of violence or intimidation or any threats of violence, verbal or otherwise, including, but not limited to, the discharge or brandishing of firearms or other weapons, on or near the Community or otherwise.
    Unless otherwise provided by law, proof of a violation of this paragraph shall not require criminal conviction, but may be based on our reasonable suspicion and a preponderance of the evidence. In addition, if you or any of your occupants have engaged in any criminal activity during the Lease term or otherwise, we may take action to terminate the Lease and pursue eviction-related remedies.
    Naturally, this bothered me because 1) I've been arrested for 9.41.270 but subsequently had the case dismissed and 2) I intend to openly carry to and from my apartment. According to this part of the lease, my arrest without a conviction could provide them with the means to terminate my lease. Additionally, the vague term of brandishing could include open carr. Mearly going to my apartment while legally open carrying could potentially cause some issues for me.

    I went to the office to inquire. It was interesting what happened. I asked them if this meant carrying my firearm to and from my apartment while I open carry. The man said "I don't even think that's legal. I dunno. I guess if you have a permit. Do you have a permit? I know that's common in Texas. They all open carry there." Wow. The flurry of oddities here. I explained to him that I was 100% certain that openly carrying a firearm was legal in WA -- and in fact far more easy to do legally than to conceal. I also explained that Texas did not have open carry but did have concealed carry. He asked if I could just conceal when I came home. I told him that if I was openly carrying in public, and then concealed before coming into the building, any officer may take that as RAS for a stop (justified or not) and I may be stopped at gun point for simply complying with their rules. I also explained that I preferred not to conceal -- that there were good reasons for open carrying and concealing defeated those purposes in some instances.

    The man called the manager in and we discussed. I showed them RCW 9.41 and explained the whole process. They asked if they could copy my permit. I then explained that I had no problem with that, but that the permit had nothing to do with my open carrying -- because the permit was concealed. Perplexed they then called the corporate office and another property they owned in Lakewood. They came back and appologized for the confusion and their lack of understanding, thanked me for educating them and explained that corporate policy is that I am permitted to open carry on premisis and they did not need/want a copy of my permit.

    Small victory won. Not newspaper headline worthy, but if anyone is ever looking for a place to rent in Redmond I was pleased to see them be so accepting after a little education.

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    Well played. And kudos to the staff for having the intellectual honesty to listen and learn.

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    Awesome job

    I actually got a good reaction from my apartment complex while Ocing. The manager doesn't mind at all. I am glad to see that in your case Sig. The last thing you'd need is another LEO interaction. +1 to you.

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    Very nice job...

    You did very well. Carrying where you live when you are in a contractual relationship with a corporate entity/property manager could be a difficult thing as it is private property. Good job on following through and educating the management.
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    Nice work. I have spent the last few days doing some apartment visiting and when I finally narrowed it down to a couple of places in Liberty Lake I made 2 visits each. The first I was concealing and the second I OC'd to see if I was treated any different. The 1911 on my hip didn't really phase the leasing agents. There was a distinct pause when they noticed it but once the ladies gathered themselves I felt like I was treated like anyone else.

    I am moving into the place I liked the best within my budget on 1 Jan, no more roommates for this guy!

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    All of the management and staff, plus a great many of the residents, of our apartment complex know that DEROS and I OC. We've received some strange looks from time to time when a resident first notices, but the staff love us. Some of the residents do too. They say they feel safer knowing we're around.
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    Once they accept you as a tenant they should be happy you OC. Free security for them. Just the sight of an armed tenant walking around the premises might give pause to those that only prey on the vulnerable.

    Since a lot of places do background checks, some for criminal as well as credit, I wonder if any accept a CPL as proof of no criminal history? Just a thought.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sigfan View Post
    As a matter of fact, when we were finally getting to a signing, the manager and the leasing agent both said "I guess that means we get free security as long as you are a resident." I was actually pleasantly surprised to see them accept this so well.
    You should have responded with something along the lines of deducting a per response fee off your rent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim675 View Post
    Well played. And kudos to the staff for having the intellectual honesty to listen and learn.

    I miss WA.
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