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Thread: OT: Legislation in Committee with regard to firearms

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    OT: Legislation in Committee with regard to firearms

    Following bills in committee may be of interest to all Washington gun owners.
    The 2011 Regular Session is scheduled to begin January 10, 2011.

    HB 2711; Concerning adopting the Washington state right to protection act of 2010 and the constitutional rights of self-defense. Link to Legislative RSS Feed

    HB 2710; Concerning adopting the right to constitutional government act of 2010. Link to Legislative RSS Feed

    HB 2709; Concerning adopting the Washington state firearms freedom act of 2010 and exempting a firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition manufactured and retained in Washington from federal regulation under the commerce clause of the Constitution of the United States. Link to Legislative RSS Feed

    HB 2264; Regulating the sale of firearms at gun shows and events. Link to Legislative RSS Feed

    HB 2048; Preventing the possession on school facilities of certain nonfirearm-related weapons that have the capacity to inflict death or substantial bodily harm. Link to Legislative RSS Feed

    HB 1604; Changing restrictions on firearm noise suppressors. Link to Legislative RSS Feed

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    None of them have seen any movement in the past 9 months.
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    Thanks for your email. I just looked up these bills, and they are
    from the 2009-11 biennium, which means they would have to be
    reintroduced in order to be considered for the upcoming 2011-13
    biennium. It appears that these bills didn't even receive a
    committee hearing last year, so it is unlikely they will gain much
    traction this year, either.


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    According to Doug Erickson (Representative, Senator elect) there has been little movement on any gun bills the past few years due to the makeup of the legislature and public opinion combined. People in Washington are opposed to more anti-gun laws, the Dems in charge of everything in Olympia are opposed to more pro-gun laws. Therefore there was an agreement that they would not even consider any bills relating to firearms. Maybe that'll change but that would also mean anti- bills would be considered as well.

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    With the recent events regarding the sales of guns to UC agents expect HB 2264 to get some play, maybe even passage.

    If it does pass, the next logical step will be to require an FFL transfer for all private sales. Pretty soon, transfering ownership of a firearm will be as complicated as selling a house thanks to those who abused the laws.
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