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Thread: Appleseed.

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    While it is not neccessrily an open carry event, it is some of the most fun while training you can get with a rifle. after our first time, my son then about 12 said "POP" that was the best day of my life.... I do not know how to say it better.
    You can shoot anything from a .22 to a .50 BMG they like iron sights but do not care what you bring, as long as a good attitude comes with it.... first Time for the new park, it was in boulder city.
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    After hearing your story before at an open carry event, I went on to tell several others about Appleseed and they were very excited.

    Also, just so you know....Don't know if it's new or not...but there's also an event in Las Vegas as well, at the new shooting park. So you can pick what's closest to you, BC or LV.


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    The wife and I compete in CMP service rifle. We went to a appleseed at the klark county park last month. Best time. The wife earned the Rifleman badge. Only 1 of 2 that weekend. Great fun and great learning.

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