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Thread: Do you carry at home?

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    Do you carry at home?

    Do you carry your firearm when you're in the comfort of your own home? If not, perhaps you should.

    Woman charged following shooting death

    From the details that are available so far, it looks like the story is this: girl knocks on door, says car broke down, homeowner answers the door, girl's boyfriend and another man assault the homeowner, homeowner is prepared and shoots to stop the attack, attacker dies from gunshot to the chest.

    This happened in a rural area right here in Maine... It just goes to show that an attack can happen even in your own home. Make sure you're prepared for such an event as this man was. He probably prevented himself some serious injury or death depending on the motives of these criminals.

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    It's near to hand, always, but not often actually on my belt while I'm indoors.

    I can help someone through the storm door, get the name or phone # of the towing co. or friend they want to call.
    I'd answer the door, and if they tried to force their way through the (locked) storm door I'd close the inner door & yell at them to leave.
    If they persist, call police & hold the gun ready Just In Case. Heaven forbid they get through the inner locked door, 'cause I'd have a mess to clean up, and it'd all be on the 911 tape.
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    In Maine you are legally justified in shooting someone attempting to break into your dwelling unit to commit another crime. No mess inside.
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    i always carry in my home...matter of fact im carrying as i write!!!

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    No but thare is a firearm within five steps from anywere I am in my house at all times, if I can`t get to one in time, my wife can, or vice versea, I do tho carry any time I am out of the house, even in my back yard.

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