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    Funny Stuff

    I am not sure if anyone has seen this but here it is.....

    From a guy in Florida :

    My neighbor is a "lefty" of sorts (Obama bumper stickers, gung-ho
    socialized medicine, "guns should be banned", etc.). So this past spring
    I put this sign up in my yard after one of his anti-gun rants at a neighborhood
    cocktail party. The sign wasn't up more than an hour before he called the police
    and wanted them to make me take down the sign. Fortunately, the officer politely
    informed him that it was not their job to take such action without a court order and that he
    had to file a complaint "downtown" first. After several weeks he was informed that the
    sign was legal (by a quarter of an inch) and there was nothing the city could do,
    which obviously made him madder.

    I tried to smooth things over by inviting him to go shooting with me and my friends at the hunt club but
    that seemed to make him even more angry. I then asked him if he wanted to go to a Tea Party rally
    but again he declined my outreach efforts to bring about a better understanding between political and social opponents.

    I am at a loss how to reconcile our long relationship (notice I did not say friendship), any suggestions would be welcome.

    I even made him a bumper sticker and that made him madder than he already was!

    Anyway, that's life in our neck of the woods, how's about yours? Click image for larger version. 

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    That one's been around awhile, but it's still funny.

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    LMFAO!! I needed that laugh, thank you.
    This site has been hijacked by leftists who attack opposition to further their own ends. Those who have never served this country and attack those who do are no longer worthy of my time or attention.

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    Should have invited him to a Bill Whittle DVD marathon.
    The First protects the Second, and the Second protects the First. OO-RAH!!! Together, they protect the rest of our Bill of Rights and other founding documents.

    As for President Trump, he's getting the job done.

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