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Thread: Who assigns serial numbers to weapons (handguns and rifles)?

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    Who assigns serial numbers to weapons (handguns and rifles)?

    I was talking with some buddies and the discussion (a session of guys showing off their individual knowledge or lack there of) turned to serial numbers on weapons. No one could agree nor could anyone locate a definitive answer, therefore, I am reaching out and asking anyone who knows exactly who assigns serial numbers to firearms and roughly when did the process begin? I know the group of fellas I talk too are book smart, but sometimes the answer is really simple and right in front of ones face....but we're guys, therefore, we're stubborn....

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    my guess is the manufacturer assigns them. Just speculation though...

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    The manufacturer assigns the serial number. They keep a log of the guns they produce and who they sell them to, and provide information to the BATFE as required. It's no different than if you machined the parts to make your own receiver at home in your garage. You made it, and you assign the serial number.

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    I would not do a seriel number search...

    Most (perhaps all?) such searches go through BATF files. Why would anyone do this? All it does is tell BATF that yes, your firearm is still out there, and it's associated with the IP address and general location from which you performed the search.
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