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Thread: Anyone Shot a Springfield XDM 3.8" 9MM Compact

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    Anyone Shot a Springfield XDM 3.8" 9MM Compact

    The new XDm is a bit interesting. The vast majority of my handguns are .45acp but I picked up a Sig P226 in 40S&W just for a different caliber. I don't own any 9mm and saw the new XDm released is a compact model that uses two magazines to hold 13 or 19 rounds and thought it interesting.

    They are reasonably priced between $550 and $600 on gunbroker and I was considering whether I should pick one up. Since I am in no hurry I thought I would see if anyone has shot one yet and how they liked it.

    Also as far as concealed carry can in fit in a pocket or is it too wide/tall/bulky for that kind of carry. I figure worst case I could always sell it if I didn't like it but don't feel like going through all the paperwork if it is a lemon of a gun. :-)

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    They are really good guns and you won't be disappointed with one. It was one I was looking at but went with the smith and wesson m&p instead. I liked the feel of the s&w A LOT better. Also I'm not sure about the xdm but with the S&W you can buy the 40sw version and then also pickup the 9mm barrel and 357 barrel and corresponding mags and shoot any of them through the same gun, which might be nice since you mentioned already having 40 cal guns and ammo.
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    I purchased an XDm 9mm 3.8" in late november. It is not the compact model, so I can't give you my impression of shooting it as a compact. However, since everything else is the same, I can tell you that I like the trigger, I like the feel, I like the balance. I don't mind the grip safety. It takes a minute to get used to the fact that you can't cycle the slide without depressing the grip safety, but I don't find it inconvenient at all.
    I thought I would hate the loaded chamber indicator sticking up of the top of the slide, but it barely sticks up at all. Just enough so that you can just feel it.
    It is an excellent shooter even out past 25 yards. The sights are quite good. However, I will be putting the night sights on it.

    All in all, as Maverick said, you won't be disappointed.

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    I bought one to replace the Glock 19 Iíve been carrying daily for about 7 years. So far, I like it a lot.
    Itís sprung a little heavier than my Glocks and CZs and my handloads (which were pretty light, I admit) donít fully eject. No big problem, I just loaded with another 0.2gr of powder and allís well.

    Pros: Light, adjustable grip, so itís very comfortable, holds 20 rounds in a Glock 17 size grip, good out-of-the-box trigger, accurate, reliable, easy field strip.

    Cons: None.

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