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Thread: New uses for gun-related equipment?

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    New uses for gun-related equipment?

    I'm sure there are other people who have found second uses for some of their "gun stuff"...

    This morning I needed to weight down a project while the glue dried, so used several boxes of cartridges. They're heavier & easier to handle than cans of soup. Small project, concentrated weight, seems to be working fine.
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    I've also used boxes of ammo as weights for bookbinding projects, like gluing up covers, and attaching boards to signatures...

    There's a lot of lead in 200 rounds of .45acp...
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    I used to use microphone bags filled with .44 semi-wad-cutters to counterweight my boom microphones for my drum kit back when I was still a gigging musician!
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    I use my Hi-Point to crack walnuts.
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    I use my Hi-Point to crack walnuts.
    Better than a paper weight.....Joking .....
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