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Thread: MD's lax "hammer-control" laws cause armed robbery spree...

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    MD's lax "hammer-control" laws cause armed robbery spree...

    Anne Arundel County police said the women were leaving The Rose Restaurant on Belle Grove Road just after 7 p.m. Saturday when a man approached them, threatened them with a claw hammer and took their purses.

    Perhaps Lowe's and Home Depot need to start requiring tool-buyers to fill out 4473's, and passing a NICS check...
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    No, clearly we all just have to start registering our handy man tool set and prove competence before we buy. This is ridiculous. Just proves how people are weapons, not tools. Carry on.
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    Maybe instead of holstered firearms OC, law abiding citizens can wear leather toolbelts fitted with items such as a hammer, roofing hatchet, utility knife and a big flat head screwdriver.

    I kind of like that idea.

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