Quard/Graphics Violence-Free Workplace
The Company also prohibits the possession, use, or threat of use, of any object that could be considered a
dangerous weapon (including but not limited to all firearms and ammunition) on Company premises including in
Company or personal vehicles, unless such possession or use is an approved requirement of the Company job or
permitted by applicable law.

OK People, I need a Little Help here, with the Correct Meaning of Applicable Law...

If an imminent physical threat or danger exists, take immediate action to protect yourself and others from harm
where you can do so safely. This may include, depending on the circumstances, notifying Company security or first
responders, notifying reception and requesting assistance, moving to a secure location or calling 911.

Now here's a Good Question, How can I protect my Self If I have too Park my Car across the street when I Carry at the West Allis Plant?
AN when I know I have to work at our Peewaukee Plant. I can't Carry at all because there is no street parking any where.

I Need some Help, I need to Talk to any one Who CC's in Oklahoma City an Works for Quad/Graphics Plant There..

I need to find out if Quad is going along with the Weyerhauser ruleing?? As you can see, I am haveing a problem up here in Wis..

Range Rat..