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Thread: realistic problem being 20 off roading

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    realistic problem being 20 off roading

    I'm 20 years old and off road all the time either jeeps, quads whatever. I go with my dad and uncle who both cc and oc some times we get miles and miles and miles into the woods down in tenessee west virginia and others. We'll come to a bad hill and since i ride a sport quad my dad and uncle will go up first to check it out and see whats on the other side and sometimes are gone for awhile (get stuck flip etc) my question is if were way in the woods and they leave me alone in backwoods horror movie ville can my dad leave me his gun? and if I ever had to use it would it be illegal? Just a newbie under 21 question, thanks for any input! Sorry if there was a better place to ask. Thanks again.

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    It depends on which state you are in, and whether you keep it in plain view or not.

    In WV and VA, anyone who may legally possess a handgun may carry it openly without any sort of permit.

    In TN, you must have a "civilian handgun permit" to carry in any manner--Open or Concealed.

    Since you are 20, you are not eligible to get a TN permit yet (must be 21). So in TN, you can't carry a handgun unless you are under the direct supervision of your parent or guardian.

    But in WV and VA, anyone over 18 may legally OC with no permit requirement.

    Just be sure NOT to cover it up or conceal it in any manner, and you should be fine.
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