i'm in the panhandle of WV. outside of martinsburg and oc all the time and never a sign of trouble in fact i always carry more than one as you never know when you will need a backup and the only time i've had trouble is in VA. and that was when the sp pulled me over for a burnt out taillight when the officer asked me if i had any weapons i showed him my cc license and was stood out in the rain for over an hr. and in the mean time 3 more sp cars showed up. they should really teach the officers that WV. is a reciprocal state when it comes to cc and to top it off they unloaded my 45 acp and gave it all back to me-it scared the 6 officers that i reloaded it all back up and put it back in the holster ---like im going to shoot when there are 6 officers ready for trouble --i don't think so--but other than that one time no trouble what so ever--keep up the good work with OC--a well armed OC keeps the government honest-the rich humble and the crooks scared