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Thread: One Day in El Paso TX

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    One Day in El Paso TX

    I remembered this so I figured I'd post it and see what ya'll think.

    After I got out of the Army I needed a part time job, so I talked to an old friend of mine who ran Eagle Military Army surplus in El Paso. Back in the day he ran his business out of a trailer on the side of Montana St, It was across the street from a doughnut shop and next door to a 7-11.
    He informed me that it was OK to bring my pistol down and keep it close for defensive issues. I used to sit on a folding chair just inside the door of the trailer with my Taurus PT-92 with a laser site on the front of the trigger guard tucked under an wool Army blanket close by.
    I used to talk to people who would be stopped by the light, and try to hawk them something.
    Well, one day I was sitting there and noticed the cars had stopped for the light. As I looked up to see if the folks where "window shopping" I noticed 4 youths in a car looking across the street towards the doughnut shop, I also notice a couple of GI types in the parking lot of the doughnut shop yelling towards the car asking "what's your problem" to the occupants of the car. I look back at the car and notice one of the guys in the car struggling to aim a full length shotgun out the window of the car.
    It was almost humorous because with two people and a big shotgun in the back seat of the car he couldn't quite get the angle he wanted.
    The GI's across the street are still yelling and challenging the guys in the car unaware of the guy trying to get a proper aim.
    The GI's were not armed so I figured I should intervene.
    I pulled my Taurus activated the laser and put it on the back of the shotgun holders head. Now I'm only 10 feet away and the dudes in the car have all the windows down and are all focused the other direction. So in a loud voice I say "HEY". They all turn and look my way. The laser is now between the shotgun guy's eyes. All four's eyes pop open and jaws drop. Since the traffic has cleared they punch it and are gone in a flash.
    I sort of chuckle and put my Taurus away.
    The GI's jump in their car and flip a U turn over to my side of the street to give chase. They in turn get caught at the light right in front of me. I tell them they should quit while there ahead, and the guys in the other car are armed. To this one GI says it's cool, "I have a knife". I say well have fun then, and go back to minding my own business.

    Just another day in EL Paso TX.
    Remind me sometime and I'll tell you about the time I met some gang members in Concordia cemetery while looking for John Wesley Hardin's grave.

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    Hey, what about the time you met some gang members in Concordia cemetery while looking for John Wesley Hardin's grave?

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    I'm a little late on this one but lived in El P*sso for more years than I wanted to.
    And most folks that have lived there for a while, know that John Wesley Hardin and hundreds of others are actually buried under the freeway (I10) that runs in front of Concordia. The owners of the cemetery did a "poltergeist thing" back in the late 60's and early 70's..sold the land to the cemetery and "promised to move the graves", but just moved the headstones instead. They did a underground radar pic of the area about 10 years ago, and showed over 100 graves located underneath the freeway area...
    "Go back to sleep....Your Government will take care of you...."

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    My ex-girlfriend lives near El Paso...if you come across a bald German chick with an ear piercing, DRIVE AWAY. FAST.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ViperGTS19801 View Post
    My ex-girlfriend lives near El Paso...if you come across a bald German chick with an ear piercing, DRIVE AWAY. FAST.
    Um, that actually needs to be said??

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