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Thread: Critique My Letter

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    Critique My Letter

    Criticism welcome...

    "Servant of the People,

    Firstly, congratulations on your campaign victory. You may with confidence know that you received my vote and that I have faith in your ability and character. This support, however, comes with a non-negotiable price: The strict adherence to Constitutional principles and, where applicable, the swift reversal of infringements upon our liberties. Of concern at the moment is the State of Florida’s usurpation of our Second Amendment rights. Addressed below are the trespasses of the State:

    1. Though endowed by Higher Law with the right to keep and bear arms, I am forced by my government –tasked with ensuring and protecting this right – to request its use. This, mind you, is the definition of a privilege and represents an egregious affront to individual liberty.
    2. I am currently prohibited from open carry. No distinction is made nor is any preference tolerated in our founding documents. The wording of the Second Amendment specifically prohibits this type of encroachment; Denying me my preference of carry is by all rationale “infringement.”
    3. The process by which I may obtain the government’s blessing for enjoyment of my rights is entirely unacceptable. I object on the grounds that I must not only PAY for my rights by application fee, but then must endure criminal treatment by a government established for the sole purpose of ensuring individual liberty. It is also mandated that I must register and be fingerprinted in order to bear arms. This is highly inappropriate! Ransom for my freedom has been already been paid and – as a law abiding citizen – I will not consent to your criminal treatment. I will not pay for my right to vote and I will not audition for my right to peaceably gather. By extension, I will not allow my government to impede my rights in the existing fashion.
    4. Though I applaud the motive behind Senate Bill 234, it still fails to recognize my rights and your duties. It is preposterous and flippantly unconstitutional to require the people of Florida to abide the government’s interposition between God’s Higher Law and its practice.

    As previously stated, I have demonstrated my faith in you and your character with my vote. My expectation – the wage for this trust – is simple; I require that you introduce and sponsor Constitutional Carry within the state of Florida. The terms of this must ensure my ability to keep and bear arms with absolutely zero interference from my government. As a free man endowed by my Creator, I will tolerate not a single infringement upon my Second Amendment right. Should these terms not be agreeable, I will break the bonds of our union and form a new contract with a representative who shares my love of liberty and champions her cause.

    I am a Marine Officer who has proudly and humbly carried my weapons on your behalf for 10 years - including two combat tours to Afghanistan. All I ask in return is that I be allowed to carry them for my defense, as well.

    For Liberty,

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    It's a harangue. It's not going to be well received. It's not going to get any of the things you want. It's going to piss off the people you send it to if they bother to read past "This support, however, comes with a non-negotiable price". Most of them will probably stop there and put you in the fruitcake pigeonhole and your "letter" in the circular file.

    Here are some suggestions:
    - address it to a specific person. Address it individually to a lot of specific persons if that's who you want to communicate to.
    - Tell them, in a polite and non-demanding manner, without using threats, precisely what you want them to do. If it is something they may not be familiar with, give them a brief example or explanation and some citations (web links) to where they can find more information.
    - In the case of "Constitutional Carry" give them links to existing laws that reflect what you want passed in Florida. IIRC there were one or two laws introduced in Florida's legislature that were headed with the usual state-specific language and then were a straight cut&paste of the law that had been proposed as the example.

    27 people bothered to read some part of your post. Only one (so far) has bothered to respond. I'm a good guy trying to help others be good guys, so that's my excuse/reason for taking the time to respond. Figure out if there is any message to this.

    stay safe.

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    It's sad that Skid is right.... If you tell a public servant what for, they will ignore you.

    That said, I do it anyway. They should fear the people, and an angry crazy guy with a gun, well, yeah. ;-)

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    A little meandering, at times, but I think they will get your point. As to what they do with it, follow-up on it based on events going forward. But be more specific in the follow-up. Politicians are all ADD'd if it's not an election year.

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