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Thread: MWAG Call... Finally a dispatcher knows the law!

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    MWAG Call... Finally a dispatcher knows the law!

    If only all calls would go like this... I'd only wish the dispatcher would say "No we won't send an officer out". But at least she knows the laws.
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    More and more the word is getting out. The day will come when this is the norm.

    Education, exposure to the bright light of truth, OC - It IS working.
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    The ignorance of the uninformed. "He has a big magnum...".
    In the final seconds of your life, just before your killer is about to dispatch you to that great eternal darkness, what would you rather have in your hand? A cell phone or a gun?

    Si vis pacem, para bellum.

    America First!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthernBoy View Post
    The ignorance of the uninformed. "He has a big magnum...".
    He was carrying champagne and a gun.

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    Good for the dispatcher!! Hope that call got put waaay down in the priority list.

    I'm wondering how the caller knew so much about guns & the law, since she is so anti.
    Probably one of the Brady Bunch, harassing a citizen legally and peacefully exercising his rights.

    We should write the Livermore, CA PD & compliment Melinda on her handling of the call.

    Chief Steve Sweeny
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    Livermore, CA
    (925) 371-4900 main
    (925) 371-4710 Chief
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    A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions.
    The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.
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    She dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong.

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    Finally. Someone gets it. Sending a letter as we speak and I would encourage the same from others.
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    I cruised around the "related videos" a bit and found this GEM of a reply to a commenter on another video......

    The guy was "checked out" at an Arby's by LEO, and it was uneventful.
    But then one of the SHEEPLE we have in our midst tried to chastise him.

    I LOVE HIS ANSWER.......

    I just don't want to deal with the hassle of dealing with the cops, most of which are power tripping pigs. At least the city cops here are. The County are much more professional. City PD sucks: corruption, sexual harassment charges, etc.

    Video poster:
    some people fought and died for their rights, and you aren't willing to even talk to a cop, on the off chance that he might stop you for exercising them? If you can't stand up to a cop who is probably on your side, what are you going to do against an armed criminal? When that cop left, I shook his hand, you can be absolutely certain that I won't shake yours. Leave your gun at home, if yoy cant fight for our rights, then stop being a parasite.
    What part of "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" is so hard to understand ???

    James: Ain't this a little showy, Pa? I mean with the guns out an' all?

    Big Jake: James, don't be fooled. They all know what's in this box, and they all want it. what we're doin' with this audacious DISplay is tellin' 'em they can't have it. Who knows, we may be savin' some poor miscreant soul's life this way. -

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