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Thread: Ex-Bush appointee found murdered in landfill in DE...

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    Ex-Bush appointee found murdered in landfill in DE...

    The body of John P. Wheeler III, 66, was discovered falling off a truck into a trash pile by an employee at the Cherry Island Landfill in Wilmington at about 10 a.m. local time on December 31, Lt. Mark Farrall of the Newark, Del. police said on Monday....

    The Delaware medical examiner's office has ruled the death a homicide. The cause of death was not immediately released.

    Wheeler graduated from West Point in 1966.
    He got his MBA from Harvard in 1969.
    He got his JD from Yale in 1975

    While on active duty, he authored the
    first Biological and Chemical Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual for the Army.

    He became the Special Assistant to the Acting Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Logistics and Environment during his stint with the AirForce from 2005-2008. His principal tasks included standing up Cyberspace Forces.

    For President G.H.W. Bush, he created the Earth Conservation Corps for at-risk youth.

    He was the first Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

    He had been working for years to get elite universities like Harvard to lift their ban on ROTC groups on their campuses.

    He was Secretary, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, on the team that worked major insider trader investigations, and was with SEC from 1978-1986.

    He was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

    He was also involved in a protracted legal dispute with a family named "
    Marini" over a housing construction project that "blocked his view"...

    But apparently, he was not a DE LCCDW holder...

    BTW, DE is "May Issue" but unlicensed OC is legal in some jurisdictions...
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    Prayers go out to his family.
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    This may or may not be related to his dispute over the building of the house across the street. I find it interesting the police haven't released cause of death. It could also be just a simple robbery.

    Time will tell (hopefully).
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    This story just gets weirder and weirder...

    Security camera footage has now placed Wheeler wandering around the DuPont HQ building, appearing disoriented, in two different parking garages--5 miles away--within 40 minutes (and he was looking for his car...) being outside without an overcoat in near-freezing temperatures, and at one point, walking around the foyer of a building with one shoe in his hand, and appearing disoriented--saying someone had stolen his briefcase...

    We're going to find that this guy was, at the very least, drugged or poisoned, and then put in a dumpster headed for the landfill, I'll speculate.

    Let's run down what we know so far:

    A rich, white guy with ties to the DOD's secret chemical weapons program, the CFR, and MITRE Corp and is ALSO in a protracted legal battle with a family named "Marini" (which he was losing) gets whacked and dumped in a landfill...

    On the same weekend that massive fish and bird kills happened all over the country--all of which were within a few miles of major military research universities and/or chemical weapons arsenals, the BIGGEST of which had Federal response teams on-site in full hazmat gear in a matter of hours of the first reports?

    Hmmmm... That's not suspicious at all...

    Perhaps Mr. Wheeler might have had a few "inconvenient truths" that the powers that be didn't want to get out...

    Can you say "Vince Foster", boys and girls?
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    “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”
    –Mark Twain

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