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Thread: Milwaukee Homicides up in 2010

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    Milwaukee Homicides up in 2010

    And people ask why people need to carry protection in Milwaukee?!
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    Not surprising.
    In God I trust. Everyone else needs to keep your hands where I can see them.

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    They are up, they are down, and they are up again.

    Carry a gun and protect yourself as you will, but homicides and violent crime are tied to the rise and fall of the economy.

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    I think that it is ironic that they say that 3 out of 4 homacides have a criminal history with an average of 11 arrests. And people wonder why I hate that city so much I moved out into the woods over 200 miles away.
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    crime up? murder up? who'd a thought?! as the economy gets worse, things for damn sure aint going to get better. but then again as OC spreads, and one day in the near future CC comes, the days of the perfect crimes shall come to an end:
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