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Thread: States with Parking Lot Exemption/Release of Liability Laws

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    States with Parking Lot Exemption/Release of Liability Laws

    As much as we dislike anything associated with Bloomberg, one of his companies/former companies did a real nice recap of the States that provide Parking Lot Exemption/Release of Liability Laws, you can see the recap here:

    And here are the links for each state, some of them are harder to use than others. I spent several hours this morning looking up each reference to get a web link;

    Florida. Stat. 790.251

    Kentucky. Rev. Stat. Ann. 237.106,

    Louisiana. Rev. Stat. Ann. 32:292.1.

    Minnesota Stat. 624.714.

    Oklahoma. Stat. tit. 21, 1289.7a, 1289.27

    Georgia. Code Ann. 16‐11‐123, 16‐11‐124, 16‐11‐127.1, 16‐11‐135.

    Mississippi. Code Ann. 45‐9‐55, 45‐9‐101.

    Alaska Stat. 18.65.800, 29.35.145.

    Arizona. Rev. Stat. Ann. 12‐781.

    Idaho Code Ann. 5‐341.

    Kansas. Stat. Ann. 75‐7c11.

    Michigan. Comp. Laws 28.425n.

    Ohio Rev. Code Ann. 2923.126.

    Utah Code Ann. 34‐45‐103, 34‐45‐107.

    Hopefully we can use these states as examples to get he other states to pass similar laws.
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    Good work, Streetdoc! Thanks for the effort.
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    If all goes well Texas may be added to that list this year.
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    Be careful about using Ohio, it is not intended to be a protection for workers carrying in the parking lots at places of work. Ohio's language only removes the potential for criminal prosecution if one parks in a parking lot conspicuously marked to not permit the possession of firearms. The law does not establish any sort of worker protection and still allows for civil liability where it can be shown that the property owner was violated by the presence of the firearm. It is purely related to the removal of criminal violation of the law when one carries a firearm onto a parking lot marked "No Guns" or similar.

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