Let's grow the attendance at these meetings folks - bring your friends and kids too!

Alert from the Iowa Firearms Coalition (4 JAN 2010)

Great work in Kalona last night!

As I mentioned in our last update, there is a rash of counties, cities, and towns that are overreacting to the media hype about Shall Issue and trying to enact ordinances that would limit your right to self-defense on property that we the people own. I said that we would not just roll over and play dead for this, and in our first showdown, we were victorious!

Almost a dozen people took their turn at the podium last night and told the Kalona City Council that enact such and ordinance would be wrong and a waste of time, and the City Council listened! The proposed firearm ordinance was rescinded!

There's plenty of work to do, though. The list continues to grow. Fort Madison, Marion, Washington County.... there are plenty more, but those are the three that come right to mind as I type this update. There is a thread in the IFC forums that lists the localities that we know about who are considering or have already enacted ordinances that are in direct violation of Iowa's preemption laws. If you live in or regularly visit any of those localities, please find out when their meetings are held and tell the leaders that they are standing on your right to self-defense and are acting in an illegal manner. The most powerful message comes from those who live and work in those localities.

THANK YOU to everyone who showed up in Kalona last night - your work and dedication helps not only your local community, but everyone in the state.

Keep up the fight!