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Thread: Wife is finally on board!!

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    Wife is finally on board!!

    So, my wife has finally asked me to help her pick out a small pistol to carry with her when she is out and about.
    She understands why I OC but, has not seen the need to do it herself. Well brother I am here to tell ya, today she realized there is a need for her to carry a gun. My wife and Sister in law found themselves in the lower east side of Pueblo today, and came face to face with a few low lifes that had no respect for others. They were smart enough to get the heck out before anybody got hurt but she now has a new understanding of why I OC. First thing in the morning we go looking for a new S&W, and then to the local range. She is actually excited about this, like a new found freedom. God I love my wife !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Not great that bad intent was evident in Pueblo, but great that we all have a new gun rights supporter actively participating with us.
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    Always great to see women discovering the need to carry.... nothing worse than seeing a loved one become a victim.

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    I come from the opposite end of the spectrum. If only I could get my hubby on board.....

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    That is awesome but please, please don't pick her gun for her. Take her to a shop and stand in the background.

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    Good to hear. My ex didn't get on board until after we divorced. I'm currently single and don't have that problem now. Just be careful cuz now she is going to want to shoot all "your" ammo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by porterc View Post
    God I love my wife !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now love her just a we bit more and point here in the direction of this and a couple other forums, where she can learn the do's and don'ts of carrying commensurate with the Colorado Revised Statutes. You can coach her through some of that, but I've found everyone likes to do some exploring on their own.
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