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Thread: tips on being confronted by store owners or police

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    Post tips on being confronted by store owners or police

    I would like to recieve tips in how you may have handled confrantations.

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    I have never been "confronted". I have been asked about my carry though.

    First of all try to be polite with either of the two.

    Second, if a store owner asks you to leave do so. Not leaving when asked will land you a tresspass charge. At most I would politely ask to speak to a manager. If the answer is no then leave. You can always come back after disarming to speak with management.

    When dealing with police. Be courteous and know your rights. If they want to violate your rights, let them. You don't have to give consent but you don't have to resist either. The place to fight is not on the street.

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