I am posting this on behalf of Gary Slider, Co-Owner Handgunlaw.us where most of us go for the latest gun law updates:
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What I need is feedback especially on the No Gun Signs. Would you add admins@handgunlaw.us as an email address to contact me if they have questions or information. Thank you and Happy New Year, Gary Slider!
Major Update Completed at Handgunlaw.us
Handgunlaw.us has just gone through a major update. Iowa is shall issue and honors all other states permit/licenses. No Gun Sign laws & What the state considers a loaded or unloaded firearm information added to every state page. An image of at least one of each states permit/licenses added to every state page. Some states donít have a standard format for their permit/license. A notes section has been added to every states page for additional info that doesnít fit in any other section.
Do check out your states page. The No Firearm signage info is not complete for all states. In some states there is really no law about signs and Handgunlaw.us will err on the side of caution when it comes to this type of information. I know I have listed some states as signs having the force of law when they might not. Reading the laws are tough and again I will err on the side of caution when it comes to No Gun Signs. It will take some time and with your help we will get them all ironed out. Check out the image of your states permit/license. I do believe I have one that is being issued now but I canít keep up with every change.
What to thank all those who helped me with the Images, No Gun Sign and What each state considers a loaded firearm. I couldnít have gotten all this done in the span of time I had if not for your assistance. Thank You.
I am not trying to drive traffic to our site to make money. We have no ads and do not make any money from the site. What we do is just try to supply the most up to date info so us Good Guys/Gals can stay within the law. That is what Good People do. Feedback is the heart of Handgunlaw.us. Without you giving me tips and heads up on changes etc handgunlaw.us would not be what it is today. No one can watch every state and keep up with every little change. Thanks to all who helped with the image quest and for those who have given me info over the years. It is very much appreciated. Hope your New Year is all you are hoping for.
Stay Safe,
Gary Slider
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