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Thread: Nevada Gun Law questions

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    Question Nevada Gun Law questions

    I have my Utah CFP and will be traveling to Las Vegas. I don't yet have my Nevada CFP, and I know we've lost reciprocity. So I want to make sure I stay compliant with the laws regarding carrying and transporting of a firearm.

    I've done some research, and it looks like a weapon can be kept in a vehicle loaded or unloaded so long as it is not concealed on my person, as I don't have a Nevada CFP. It can be carried loaded or unloaded openly, except where prohibited by law (schools, airports, federal buildings, etc), or where posted. Does this seem about right? I don't have a good open carry holster, so I'll pretty much need to keep it locked in the car/glove box while I'm down there, it seems.

    Does this look about right? Am I missing anything? Thanks!

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    I created a pamphlet here that describes some of the laws:

    For long guns [rifles & shotguns], the chamber cannot be loaded while you are in a vehicle.

    There are some well-priced holsters if you look around.

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