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Thread: Georgia Transplant, Questions about carrying in vehicle

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    Georgia Transplant, Questions about carrying in vehicle

    Ok, so i'm a student at UNC Charlotte and have been up here for about a year and a half. Being a student, i can get away with having a Georgia drivers license and Georgia Firearms License (Georgia's carry permit). Anyway, i'm working on getting instate tuition and am registering for everything up here and getting my NC drivers license. Once i get my drivers license my GFL becomes null and void. During the 60 days it takes for Mecklenburg to process my CCP, I will have to open carry. So far, i haven't had to worry about anything since I have a reciprocated conceal permit but I am interested in tips on carrying lawfully while driving until i can get my NC CCP.

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    If your only question is about driving, that's pretty easy. General consensus is to make sure the gun is plainly visible (in the passenger seat, on the dash, etc.) if you get pulled over. No one really cares where it is otherwise, so you can keep it on your hip if/until you get pulled.
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    I keep it on the passenger seat or on top of the center console clearly visible. Some keep it on top of the dash.

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