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Thread: San Jose Pink Pistol Shoot, Jan 16th 11am to 1pm

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    San Jose Pink Pistol Shoot, Jan 16th 11am to 1pm


    For those of you who don't know us, we are a LBGT gun rights group, shoot is open to LBGT community and open minded straights.

    This is a "Private Shoot", I reserve the whole range for my shoots. While it has not been a problem in the past, I do have limited space, so I do like to have an idea of how many people are actually coming.

    Range is at 1580 south 10th street in San Jose, it is right next to the San Jose Shark Tank Ice Rink.

    Handguns 22 cal through 45 cal. So, no magnums. Pistol caliber rifles only. Shotguns okay, birdshot, buckshot, no slugs. Will have to nix on 10mm autos also, sorry, but 40 okay. We do have ammo restrictions, no FMJ, but TMJ, JHP okay.

    My range master allows controlled rapid fire, other ranges in SF Bay area weren't amused when I thought rate of fire was 3 shots per second instead of 1 shot per 3 seconds.

    I have cleared doing Unloaded Holster, load and fire drills. If you are doing UOC, I thought some of you may want to try some timed live fire drills.

    Drope me a line at if you would like to attend.

    While official shoot time is 11am to 1pm, we typically finish up after 2pm. Just too much fun.
    Perhaps we can schedule a open carry event close by post shoot for social.

    Range is in a industrial area down by Santa Clara Fairgrounds, still will check for hidden GFZs.

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    I did a quick search for "kindergarten" "elementary" and "school" none of those are nearby.

    i'll see you there. Thanks.

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    I won't be able to attend this time but wanted to let everyone know I had a great time last year meeting all the Pink Pistol members from the Bay Area.

    The opportunity to draw from a UOC position, load and fire does not come up often unless you're a member of a range and it's member hours.

    Hope you all can make it! Be safe and have fun.

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