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Thread: Willpower, self control, and self discipline

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    Willpower, self control, and self discipline

    In your opinion, what are the primary differences between the three?

    I will post different situations, and I'd like to hear your opinion on which of the three (willpower, self control, and self discipline) come in to play. Thanks!

    1) Tom grew up in a family of alcoholics, and watched his family drink themselves into serious illness and death. All of his friends and family were also big drinkers. Tom made a promise to himself that he would never drink alcohol, smoke, or use drugs. Fast forward 25 years, and Tom has kept his promise to himself. He still abstains from all of them, and sticks to his ethics.

    2) Jake started drinking and using drugs at the young age of 14. He found himself getting in trouble with the law on numerous occasions. Now that Jake is 25, he realized that he can no longer keep doing this to himself, otherwise he'll end up dead, or will end up killing someone else. Jake decides to put the bottle and needle down, and quits all drugs and alcohol, cold turkey. Even though Jake is tempted when he sees his friends drinking, he resists the urges.

    3) Jeremy is a very committed athlete. In school, he spent every waking hour training for his sport, so he can excel. He spent every minute of his social life in the gym, or training. He strictly followed a commitment plan to ensure he was always better prepped than his competition. He is always focused, and never gives up, no matter how hard is training gets , or how rough it goes for him. He always keeps a positive attitude.

    4) Greg never says anything that he'll later regret - even in the heat of the moment. He's always in control of himself, and never lashes out at people out of anger. Though Greg may get angry, and even sometimes irate, he'll never act out based off of his emotions. He always keeps a level head, and never allows his emotions to get the best of him.

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    Self-control and self-discipline are conscious acts.

    Willpower is a general designation.

    Can one lack self-control, but have self-discipline? Can one lack self-discipline, but have self-control? Self-control is a conscious act of controlling one’s self. Self-discipline is a conscious act of being disciple in one’s self. Willpower is not a conscious act. Willpower or lack thereof is a designation by either act when “successfully” engaging in and maintaining (for any length of time, be it 1 second or 1 year) the act(s) of self-discipline and/or self-control. Self-control is the conscious act of controlling one’s self in a physical way (verbal engagement is a physical response); it is purely physical. Self-discipline is the conscious act of controlling one’s mental facilities; it is purely psychological. If one engages in a physical act where they have lost or consciously given up self-control, do they or can they still retain self-discipline, no. If one engages in a psychological loss of control that is either willful or purposefully disregarded, do they still have self-control, no. The loss of either acts indicates that the other act has also been lost. There are two different types of self-discipline; they are reactive, and active. There are two different types of self-control; they are reactive, and active. Reactive is a internal then external response to external activity, initiated by external activity. Active is an internal then external response to external activity, initiated by internal activity.

    Ok, I am stopping here I sure hope this wasn't a fishing expedition for some fool to respond, you hooked me!

    **If someone disagrees, I will hear it, hopefully**
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