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Thread: The Gun Show on KSGF this past Sunday, listen to the 2nd hour!

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    Rep. Leach on The Gun Show on KSGF this past Sunday!

    I had the opportunity to be on the air with Matt Canovi this past Sunday on the Gun Show which airs on KSGF radio. My portion was to conduct an on-air review of the Kel-Tec RFB, but that's not what's important.

    What is important is the 2nd hour where Representative Melissa Leach is discussing 2A expansions in Missouri and some upcoming changes to the concealed carry law in our State. Please keep in mind that with my being a firearms instructor that I'm a firm believer that training is absolutely vital when it comes to certain things and the 2nd Amendment is something that folks need not only the firearms training, but they need some legal training on as well. Our laws can easily muddy the waters which can put folks in a position to make the wrong decision.

    See the 2nd hour, marked as Expanding the 2nd Amendment. Unfortunately, Rep. Burlison was unable to attend.

    For those of you wondering how Rep. Leach is with personal contact, I was very impressed. But, we were in a radio studio after all. She seems very personable and being a mother of a veteran there are a lot of issues that truly hit home with her.

    Doc, thanks again for that info. Rep. Leach had a caller the week before that had brought up the municipality regulating OC issue and she did not have the information on where or when that was actually enacted. She should now have a starting point of where that information actually is.
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