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Thread: Concealed Carry in AZ, Exceptions and consequences

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    Concealed Carry in AZ, Exceptions and consequences

    I'm new to this forum and was unsure if this question fits under the "AZ" heading or not, sorry if its misplaced. I would like to clear up a few questions I have pertaining to the law here in AZ. First, it is my understanding that you may concealed carry without a permit in this state. it is also my understanding that you may NOT carry in school zones, places that serve alcohol, or place that specifically don't allow it. I understand that getting a CCW relaxes a few of those stipulations. (To me it just doesn't seem worth it to get though). My question is, what are the consequences to being found carrying in one of those "no carry" places? if its just a slap on the wrist, I might be inclined to continue to carry there and just keep my weapon better concealed. I carry for my protection and the protection of those with me, that doesn't stop once I cross into a "no carry zone" I am not looking for trouble, so if asked to leave or keep my gun in the car I would, I just don't want to until I'm specifically asked. Additionally, what are the rules pertaining to a college campus? ( I'm a college student) I hear that its not allowed but things may be changing. So in a nut shell, what does "not allowed" mean? If I'm stopped in a "no carry zone", will I just be asked to leave? Given a fine? or executed? Will getting a CCW lower the consequences any? maybe it would be worth it then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtettenb View Post
    Additionally, what are the rules pertaining to a college campus? ( I'm a college student) I hear that its not allowed but things may be changing.
    The law allows college/university administrators to set the rules on carrying guns. I don't know the penatly. Others here can tell you. It's more than a slap on the wrist. Your best free resource on all gun laws is this document.

    Until a couple of days ago, Campus Carry had a good chance of passing this year. After the Gifford's shooting, the anti-rights folks are dancing the victims' blood and feeling empowered, while the testicles of so-called "pro-gun" legislators are shriveling up. The ONLY organziation that will fight for your rights is AzCDL. I strongly recommend joining.


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    Yep, one of the first things I thought about after hearing about the shooting is there goes any chance of getting more pro-gun legislation this year, probably anywhere in the country.

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    It might backfire on the antis if they shout to much. This might be the time to take the bull by the horns, not to capitalize on the shooting, it was terrible, and my players go out to all effected, but if more people in the crowd where armed, who knows, maybe only one or two shot instead of 18, if the Sheriff would have taken this mad man seriously, maybe he would not have been on the street. I know I`m being a armchair quarterback, but there are no laws that if were on the books would have prevented this, except better security and maybe a few more armed citizens in the crowd.

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    This lunatic shot a pro-gun Congresswoman who is very conservative for a democrat. Kind of takes the wind out of the sails of the lunatic left, anti-constitution pack of vermin.

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