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Thread: Your most frequently asked question...

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    Your most frequently asked question...

    I'm working on the FAQs page for the MOOC website and I thought it would be a fun to have you guys contribute if you'd like. So, what are some of the most common questions you get about OC?
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    I think a lot of people would agree "Are you a cop or something?" would be number one or a close second. Next one would be "Why are you carrying a gun?." "Is it loaded?" is pretty common. Or of course, you have those few who just want to know what kind of gun it is.
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    "is that legal?"
    "is that real?"
    "so you got your conceal carry?"
    "is that a glock?(if I carry a 1911)"
    "is that a 1911? (if I carry a glock)"
    I could go on....LOL

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    The one I get most is "are you a cop". [No, I'm a citizen.]

    Why do you carry? [Self-protection]
    Do you need a license? [Not in WI]
    Do you have a license?
    How do you get a license?

    A couple times I've gotten
    Is that loaded?
    What are you carrying?

    Once in a great while:
    What are you afraid of? [Nothing, now]

    BTW, I think this thread has been done elsewhere before, so you might want to dig a bit to sese other answers.
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    I've had..What law gives you permission to open carry a gun. I tell them that there is no law giving permission. Then I explain that laws our only written to keep you from doing something not to let you do and because there is nothing telling me that I can't...I can... in Missouri
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