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Thread: St Patricks Day Parade 3/12/2011

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    St Patricks Day Parade 3/12/2011

    I'd like to invite you all to come join South Bay Open Carry as we march in the Hermosa Beach St Patricks Day Parade this March.

    Free for individuals to participate with our group, we just need to get an estimate as to how many plan on coming, hence the early notice.

    Most of the parade is in a school zone so we'll have our banners, shirts, and open holsters (optional).

    However, there is a small chance we will have success with local school officials to get 626.9 exemption for the parade...

    If you have any school leadership contacts that are pro-2a that might help talk to our local officials please email me:

    Hope to see you there!

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    I may be down to join in, especially since I'm Irish.

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