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Thread: Everybody Hit This Poll!!!

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    Exclamation Everybody Hit This Poll!!!

    Typical cliche poll; "should gun laws be more strict" "Yes" or "No"

    Lets show them how many of us think, emphatically, "NO"!!!

    It is toward the bottom right side of the page.

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    Yes 38%
    No 60%
    IDK 1%

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    909 - along with the rest of the "Progressive-NeoMarxists" - obviously having a classic foam-at-the-mouth, " ban the guns" feeding frenzy right now . This tragedy has them all totally giddy. Pressure is on our resident-alien "El Presidente" to issue a "decree" requiring FFL reporting of "suspicious behavior" to BATFE - like people buying Glocks.

    Relatedly, there apparently was a gross "failure to communicate" between the Arizona Walmart stores and the Queen of Homeland Insecurity regarding the "suspicious activity" reporting program. DHS probably didn't want AZ Walmarts involved in that program for fear there would be distracting reports of illegal aliens. Oh -I see , the nut-case wasn't OC'ing - he was simply exercising his civil right to act-out as a strung-out, wide-eyed maniac wanting to stock up on ammo. I wonder if the same Walmart clerk would have refused to sell him a machete, an axe, a or a chain-saw, .... - which I suspect WERE in-stock ? Now I totally get it.

    The truth is - every adult at that meet should have been armed with a hi-cap Glock themselves.

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    Yes 17%
    No 82%
    IDK 0% (fraction, but under 1%)
    Quote Originally Posted by MLK, Jr
    The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort & convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge & controversy.
    Quote Originally Posted by MSG Laigaie
    Citizenship is a verb.
    Quote Originally Posted by Proverbs 27:12
    A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions.
    The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.
    Quote Originally Posted by Proverbs 31:17
    She dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong.

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    I am sorry all those people got hurt/killed by that guy. None of us would be emotional humans if we were not upset about the tragedy. I am more upset though that as usual the anti guns are gonna use this "incident" to try to take away some of my constitutional rights.

    Yes 11%
    No 88%
    Not Sure 0%
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    Yes. 4%

    No. 95%

    I'm not sure. 0%

    No amount of gun laws would have prevented this nutcase from doing this.

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    I come from a land downunder.

    Australian Greens handgun comments off-colour.

    The Greens Down Under are even using this tragerdy to try and further their cause here where firearms are already banned.

    Australian Greens handgun comments off-colour.
    Despite firearms being banned, and having the toughest firearm laws of any country in the western world for those who do have firearms, ie. sporting pistol shooters, security guards, police, etc. the Greens political party Australia, play on ever disaster and tragicly use them to further their anti-gun campaign. Our fight to keep what firearms we have will never end. Haz.

    Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia
    Become a shooter, Join us.

    Press releases

    For immediate release 11 January 2011

    Greens handgun comments off-colour.

    Shallow and insensitive are the only words that can be used to describe the calls for a handgun ban by New South Wales Greens MP David Shoebridge following the tragic events in Arizona, USA, last week.

    Mr Shoebridge’s comments are all the more inappropriate due to his missed opportunity of not raising the issue of mental health, which, more often than not, is directly linked with these kinds of senseless acts.

    It has now come to light that the young perpetrator was mentally unstable, had been rejected from the American Army and had a history of crime and drug-misuse. To attempt to tie-in this act of violence in the United States with the sporting club ownership and use of self-loading handguns in Australia is nonsensical.

    Australia has always had strict handgun ownership regulations. Indeed, civilians may only be in the possession of handguns (self-loading or not) for club use, if not part of their professional tools of trade, such as security guards and veterinarians.

    There are about 120,000 registered legal handguns in Australia, of which less than half are self-loading.

    Sporting club handgun shooters must have passed vigorous police checks, safety courses and probationary periods, and it can take up to 12 months before they can even own a small-calibre pistol.

    The magnifying glass must always be put on the misuse of illegal and unregistered guns in society, not upon licensed individuals who are in possession of legal guns and act responsibly in their chosen sport. Furthermore, all attempts should be made to fund and assist the mental health sector to protect society from the criminally mentally unstable.

    For additional information, read SSAA National’s Handgun ownership facts in Australia and Handgun ownership myth busting publications.

    For further comment, contact SSAA National spokesperson Tim Bannister.

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