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Thread: Never let a good crisis go to waste.

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    Never let a good crisis go to waste.

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    Yeah, because just like gun free school zones, a gunman intent on committing a mass murder will suddenly call his plot when he finds our that these judges, congressman and elected officials create a mobile GFZ that follows them wherever they go, leaving no law abiding citizens able to defend themselves when the exercise their right to attend a public appearance of the servants of government they elected.

    I called the office of Dr. Joe Heck in Washington D.C. to ask if Dr. Heck has any intention of supporting Peter King's bill. The young man I spoke with said he has not examined any specific legislation yet, but Dr. Heck is generally not in favor of supporting further gun control legislation.

    He asked if there was a message I wished to pass along, Which I simply said, "if Dr. Heck were to support any coming gun control legislation, he would loose y vote when it came time for him to seek reelection." The representative I spoke to said Dr. Heck has always been very pro-second amendment. My response was that, "there are many pro-second amendment legislators who may be tempted to make a knee jerk reaction and pass some legislation that makes no logical sense and would have no realistic effect at deterring criminal acts of violence." I asked the Congressman not fall victim to the gun control hysteria that is being created over the shooting in Arizona and keep perspective on this issue.

    The representative at Rep. King's office says "The idea is to make constituents not feel isolated when meeting with their representatives." I asked, "does the congressman seriously believe that an armed criminal would obey his proposed law when they are already planning to commit a mass-murder, facing the death penalty or likely planning to commit suicide."

    Her response was, "I'll pass your thoughts on to Mr. King."

    I also contacted the office of the Speaker of the House to urge him not to even allow these knee jerk reactionary bills to even be brought to a vote. His representative on the phone insisted that she would pass on my message.

    I have to say I'm terrified when I see a republican sponsoring such legislation.
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    He mentions that it is illegal to carry a firearm within 1000ft of a school. Glad he researched and learned that whole story!

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    I am going to write him and compliment him on his great idea, and then recommend that he submit a bill to ban terrorism so we do not need these expensive wars. And we all lived happily ever after.....

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