Numerous cities, including Fort Madison, have sought to enact local gun bans since Attorney General Tom Miller wrote a letter to the Des Moines County attorney on Dec. 29 saying cities could enact ordinances based on the 2003 opinion.

“It’s just very unusual for an attorney general to sort of construe a preemption statute to invite the cities to get around it under color of trespass law,” said Mike Stollenwerk, an attorney and cofounder of

A letter the National Rifle Association sent to Fort Madison City Council members Jan. 4 said a proposed ban “contradicts the plain terms of Iowa state law and infringes upon the rights of law-abiding Iowans.”

The letter also states, “The NRA intends to notify its Iowa members of this and any other infringements on the lawful right to bear arms and will oppose these efforts with every means at our disposal.”

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