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Thread: Introduction - Hopefully this is the right forum to post it in.

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    Introduction - Hopefully this is the right forum to post it in.

    Forgive me if this is not the correct forum to post introductions. I did a search and saw a wide variety of forums that members have introduced themselves. This forum made the most sense (to me).

    I have been lurking around on the forums for about a month, then a week or two ago I took the plunge and joined. What a great resource!

    A quick "about me":

    I'm Frank (betcha didn't have an issue guessing that, huh?) in Lynchburg, Virginia. Just your average Joe...err...Frank. I'm a family man. Married, kids, dog, guns. That's my home life. I am a professional computer nerd by day, and whatever my kids dream up at night. Last night I was an orge, but definitely not Shrek. I am a Navy veteran. I love my country, my God and my family. And, I love guns.

    The reason that I worked up the testicular fortitude to post about me, is today is the first day I open carried. I managed to go into three places, and much to my dismay...nobody really gave a rip about it. The experience was very liberating in an odd way.

    So, there you have it. I'm Frank and I now open carry.


    Seriously though, it's great to be part of such a wonderful community of people. I look forward to talking with you and learning from you.
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    Welcome, Frank.

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    Howdy Frank

    Run over to the Va. forum and look for the Lynchburg OC thread and Lynchburg meet-ups. A really nice fella and his wife (also nice, and also OC's) have been very active OC'ing in the Lynchburg area. jmelvin I think?
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    Hey Frank

    Frank got me into this too. We shoot together and generally make fun of folk.

    My name is Dave and we met with Dan and Jason in Lynchburg tonight. My first time to open carry actually (ive concealed carried since the old days). In Texas open carry was only allowed on private property. Not like it is here.

    Glad to be here , having a good time.


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    Welcome, both of you!

    Carry on.
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