I was curious if any other members here attended the class.

I did open carry to the event (I believe I was the only one).

Pretty good info, very friendly deputies. Was actually quite fun.

I made sure to speak out about some things, such as not carrying concealed into government buildings. I spoke up and had it clarified they meant federal only. Things of that nature.

Got zero hassles about the open carrying. When I applied for my concealed carry permit Thurs morning, Nora (CWP person) asked if I was the one who was open carrying, so it did get noticed.

All in all, if you haven't gone to the free class by the Sheriff's Dept, it contains a lot of good info that is useful for open carry too. They did point out Open Carry is legal, but due to time constraints it wasn't brought up much.

I know that some were listening in when I was speaking to my friend about the visual deterrent factor of open carry and saw a few nods of agreement. So hopefully we'll have a few more folks inquiring.

Anyways, back on point - did anyone else attend?