That's Milton-Freewater BTW. I was working on the phones at City Hall and on the way out spotted an officer who seemed to be taking a break. I took the opportunity to chat and discuss OC with him.

His opinion was that he had no issue with OC at all and didn't see any issues with it in normal life with one exception: pulling over an OCer who didn't disclose his armed status. He didn't like suprises and I wouldn't either if I were in his shoes. He hadn't seen many in the area except for one "wild west" guy with the tacticool rig on his leg. Anyone?

Now that I have a handle on the Washington OC/CC laws, I am looking across the border to the PRO (People's Republic of Oregon/sarcasm!) since I go there fairly regularly. I can't carry at work but I want to be armed when we go camping in the Blues with the family so I have a bit of homework to do.

Have a good one guys! Be safe and let's try to make friends with LEO first? The guys I have met are on our side, i.e. safety and freedom...