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Thread: I have an idea

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    I have an idea

    Could we start a petition to repeal the law that takes effect February 1st?

    I am sure voters would go in our favor.

    For more information about the new law, see here:

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    Snip from the article.

    "Using bullet purchase records between Jan. 16, 2008 through June 1, 2009, Sacramento police found that 151 ex-felons had bought ammunition. Of those, 15 were known gang members, four sex offenders and two spent time behind bars for murder."
    "State officials say they have no statistics on ammunition sales because they don’t need to be recorded under current law."

    If there are no statistics, where did Sacramento police get this information.
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    I think they're trying to get themselves to look good by just throwing numbers around... They don't realize that they have a bunch of smart people to show exactly what's up...
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