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Thread: Opening an Indoor Firing Range - anyone here ever done it?

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    Opening an Indoor Firing Range - anyone here ever done it?

    Myself and a few others were thinking that it might be profitable to open an indoor range in my town. There are currently only two such ranges, and they are open to police and military only. I was wondering if anyone on the forum has ever developed a commercial or private range, and if you would have any tips or tricks.

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    Just once, but it was already built. The owner lent me the key...

    I helped a friend of mine in my masters' class sort through the requirements and conduct the appropriate after-tax and fees analysis, and the results weren't promising. That, however, considers the fact we already have an indoor range here in town. We have an outdoor range, too. We had a third range, an indoor one, but they were no longing turning a profit any more so decided to retire.

    I think if you inherited a bowling alley which you might be able to convert, it might be a go. Otherwise, if you're in a large and growing area, say, half a million or more, that doesn't have one at all, it might be worth it.

    I'd recommend you check with a financial analyst or certified financial planner.
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