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Thread: Mental state ??

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    Mental state ??

    Have no mental health conditions that would prohibit you from having a license.

    Is the statement on the CPL... What are the mental health conditions or list of? Autism on it? I can find a thing regarding such list.

    Thanks in advance

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    Off the top of my head (or hopefully corrected if wrong) i believe you would have to have stayed 15+ days in a mental institution, or has been declared insane.

    - I know it is spelled out in the firearms related RCW somewhere, but i just got home from work so I'll leave the surfing to you

    As for Autism, Downs, or any other similar condition... i honestly cant say. Interesting question indeed. Might depend on the severity and if that one is self reliant or has any criminal charges etc??? - just a guess.

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    The applicable RCW (one of them anyway) is 9.41.040. If you have Dave Workman's book Washington State Gun Rights and Responsibilities, it starts on page 45. I haven't read the whole thing recently; it also talks about someone being not found guilty by reason of insanity. IDK if this will answer your question, but it's a start.
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    As I would interpret this provision, It would be a condition that could make one a hazard to themselves or others. It would also require that one have been committed for treatment or "adjudicated" as having a condition that makes them a hazard to society.

    There probably isn't a "list" as such because one can become a hazard for numerous reasons or combinations of conditions. Usually behavior starts the evaluation process and then they try and find a "name" for it.
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    wow my son and i have had this conversation. but he has many years to go. he wants to build a musket. but when he gets over stimulated he has a hard time controling his temper but he can. and no autisum will not stop you. it is i believe over 15 days in a mental instiution the 72 hr involentary med check dose not count ether if what i read was correct

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