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Thread: Baltimore Police train their officers to be "total warriors"...

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    Baltimore Police train their officers to be "total warriors"...

    Comparing the streets of Baltimore to Fallujah, the new training program used by BPD (which was developed by the Naval War College!) might have something to do with the way they do things in "Charm City"...

    Police Commissioner Frederick Bealefeld has pointed to new training as the best hope for ending the bloodshed, a program called “Diamond Training,” which he credits with a reduction in police-involved shootings and better preparing officers for the mean streets of Baltimore.

    But a brochure circulating across the country touting the program certainly raises questions.

    “From the streets of Fallujah to Main Street USA,” the brochure proclaims, while likening urban U.S. street gangs to al-Qaeda. The program was developed at the Naval War College, the brochure says, and trains police to be total “warriors.”
    An if anyone thinks that Baltimore is the only city training their cops to be "total warriors", and to view EVERY citizen as a potential terrorist, you are sadly mistaken. The SCARY thing is, that Baltimore's training program is not the lone extreme exception, but rather is becoming the norm in LE training attitudes.

    Essentially, our LEOs are being trained--NATIONWIDE--that if you don't have a badge, you are the enemy...

    Welcome to the "New Freedom"...
    “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”
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    What a bunch of morons....Baltimore is such a cesspool

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