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Thread: Scared soccer mom!

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    Scared soccer mom!

    I went to the local UPS hub today to drop off a package. I pulled up, parked between an old beat up truck and on my right a new Toyota SUV with 2 women in it. I grabbed my package and got out of my truck at the same time the driver began walking to the door. She was in front of me and got to the door, put her hand on it, but didn't open it. These doors are tough to open so I jokingly said, "A little tough to open?" and was about to open the other door for her. She turned to me and said in a very alarmed way, "That guy has a gun on his side!"
    Me: "Well, that's legal." in a very calm, non-excited voice.
    Her: "Yeah? But it looked like he was trying to hide it from me!"
    Me: "Well that's still legal, if he has a permit."
    FYI I was CCing at the time.

    At this time be both walked inside. The attendant was in the back looking for a package, there was another middle-aged woman who waiting for her package, and seconds later another guy walked in to ship a package. I saw the "MWaG" standing at the counter. He was an older man, maybe mid-60's, who looked like a mechanic, drove that beat up pickup that I parked next to, and had a poorly holstered gun on his side. He had a back strap on, like warehouse workers wear, an elastic sleeve velcroed to it, and a nylon uncle Mike's style holster slid in the elastic sleeve. The gun appeared to be an older 4" revolver with pachmeyer grip.

    The other woman was staring at the guy's gun and the "soccer mom" had her phone in hand constantly looking out the doors behind us. I was getting concerned that she might have called the police unnecessarily. I dropped off my pre-paid package once the attendant came back out and I went back to my truck. I decided to wait for the moan to come out to give her a quick education and elate any fears. Too bad I didn't have any fliers on me :-/. She came out a couple minutes later, I rolled down my passenger window and the conversation went like this...
    Me: "Hi. So did the guy scare you?"
    Her: "Well, I saw him get out of his truck, get something out from behind his seat, and I could see him fiddling with it on his side. I realized it was a gun and it looked like he was trying to hide it! I decided to walk back to my car to take everything in and figure out what to do. I told my sister-in-law about it too(pointed to other woman in vehicle)." this is the point in her story when I pulled up
    Me: "Yeah, I can see why you might have been alarmed if it looked like he was trying to hide it. But it's legal in most states to openly carry. In NC, if you're 18yo and can legally own a gun, you can open carry it."
    Her: "Oh, really?!"
    Me: "Yeah. You don't have to worry about the people open carrying. If they're up to no good they're usually trying to hide it or already doing something bad by the time you see it."
    Her: "Yeah, good point. Thanks for explaining that to me, I didn't know what to do!"
    Me: "You're very welcome... have a great day!"
    Her: "You too!"
    We smiled and I drove away.

    She was very nice the whole time, just alarmed/surprised to see someone who was clearly not a cop carrying a gun. Thankfully she didn't call the police, or at least she didn't mention that nor did I see any. Now we have one more "soccer mom" out there that is a little more educated! I even got that warm & fuzzy feeling after I drove away haha.

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    Good job educating the uninformed. Funny thing, misinformed people who are afraid of guns don't want to see them in plain view, but also don't want to see them being concealed. If you are going the concealed route, make sure it stays concealed 100% of the time. Regular citizens might think someone trying to cover up a gun is about to commit a crime. But I guess the same thing applies to OC.

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    "That gut has a gun on his side."

    Alternative answer.

    "It's legal, so is mine. You don't carry?"

    Then give HER the 'What's wrong with you' look.
    "Each worker carried his sword strapped to his side." Nehemiah 4:18

    Guns Save Lives. Paramedics Save Lives. But...
    Paramedics With Guns Scare People!

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