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Thread: "Open Carry" Knife

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    "Open Carry" Knife

    I am a biker here in Florida. I ride often and occasionally stop in a bar for a drink. I see many bikers in fact I would say all 1% bikers openly carry knives in bars. But me the legal holder of a Concealed Weapons Permit can not legally carry my gun into a bar, Concealed or otherwise.

    I'll will admit alcohol & guns don't mix. But trying to be legal makes one of the few unarmed people in a bar.

    This has to stop !!

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    I'd agree. Move to Colorado! Lol.

    Many other states have similar allowances for carrying in a bar. One of my favorite hangouts, while legally a "bar," is more of a good food and pizza hangout for middle-aged yuppies than a traditional bar. Lots of great bands, too.

    But yes, it'd be nice to see Fl relax that restriction.

    It think part of that restriction is that bars used to be places where people just got drunk. No entertainment, no good food. That's almost invariably changed over the years, to the point where the seedy, naughohide furniture, low lighting, sticky floors, and smoke-filled bars you'd see in movies from the 60s are 70s are all but gone.
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    That's why Virginia and many states issue a Concealed HANDGUN Permit.

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